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A Message from Iraq to the misinformed

Senator John Kerry


                                                                   The Terrible Tank           

Salutes the Military Units Based in Pittsburgh

                                                          28th Division Shoulder Patch                                                          



    1st BN 107th Field Artillery                                                           128th Field Support BN

                  Shadyside                                                                                Beechview

Steel City Soldiers-Camp Bucca-Iraq





Good Bye and Good Luck to the 316th Sustainment Command

Stay Safe and return home to us soon!








             click here to read about the history of these unit crests

Welcome home 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command US Army!!!

 Pittsburgh Salutes our Armed Forces  

Maritime Service Device embroidered


Pittsburgh Salutes our Veterans


                                  It is the VETERAN, not the preacher

                                  Who has given us religious freedom 


                                  It is the VETERAN, not the reporter

                                  Who has given us freedom of the press.


                                  It is the VETERAN, not the poet

                                  Who has given us freedom of speech.


                                  It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer

                                  Who has given us freedom to assemble.


                                  It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer

                                  Who has given us the right to a fair trail.


                                  It is the VETERAN, not the politician

                                  Who has given us the right to vote.


                                  It is the VETERAN

                                  Who salutes the flag



                                  It is the

                                  Who serves under the flag.





                                  Eternal rest grant unto them O LORD

                                  And let Perpetual light shine upon THEM.  


I don't know if you saw this in the news, but it really impressed me. And at the very least it should at least stop and make you think!

On the ABC evening news, it was reported that, because of the dangers of from hurricane Isabelle approaching Washington DC, the military members assigned to the duty of guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Solider were given permission to suspend the assignment.

They respectfully declined the offer,  "No Way, Sir!"

Soaked to the skin, marching in the pelting rain of a tropical storm, they said that guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Solider was not just an assignment, it the highest honor that can be afforded to a serviceperson.

The Tomb of the Unknown Solider has been patrolled continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, since 1930.

Funny, our US Senate/House took 2 days off, as they could not work because of the expected storm!

In Memorial

1-1/4                                                           1-1/4

Gunnery Sgt Justin E. Schmalstieg

United states Marine Corps

From the Stanton Heights Neighborhood

City of Pittsburgh


Semper Fi Marine


Honors for a local OIF Vet

Intrepid Post Welcomes Veteran Home

Quartermaster Mike Mauer, center left, and SPC Eugene "Chip" Conrad, center right, with his proud parents.

On Saturday, February 12, 2005, The family of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Conrad of Munhall had a welcome home party for their son SPC "Chip" Conrad with an invitation to his family and friends.  Quartermaster Mike Mauer presented complimentary patches of service and invitation to join the veterans of  VFW Post 914 Intrepid.

SPC Conrad recently served a 14th month tour with the U.S. Army's 107 Field Artillery at Camp Bucca in Iraq.  Mayor of Munhall, Ray Bodnar, was also on hand to present a special certificate of commendation to SPC Conrad thanking him for serving his Country and the Community of Munhall.


Click Here to read a story that you will never hear in the main stream media about a marine that we all can be very proud of!


Thank You!

We Owe You Everything!

helmets to hardhats 

Link to Send Your Thanks To the U.S. MilitaryOperation Tribute to FreedomOn Behalf of a Grateful Nation...

Music -"Battle Cry of Freedom"



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