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Pittsburgh Public School District

The School District is divided up into 9 voting districts. Each represented by an elected School Board Director. Below you can find a listing of the schools within each School Board District.

Many Parents have expressed displeasure with the way their children have been and are being educated in our school district.  It has been stated that only 1 out of every 8 teachers will work with the parent in a timely manner when a problem arises. Communication between the parent and school is almost non-existent except for poor work notices that come out right before the end of the report period, when its too late to catch up and improve the child's grade. That the handing out of discipline is becoming bias and in some cases unwarranted, and excessive. Along with many other complaints that would take up to much space to list.

Because of this, we want to make you aware of the alternatives that are available to you within our education system. 

There has always been Private, and Religious based schools, which provide a very excellent education. Which our School District is mandated to provide transportation for the students, to and from those schools everyday. But at times the

With some new laws that were passed a few years ago, our City Families now have the option of CHARTER SCHOOLS! Some of these charter schools are the traditional brick and mortar style schools. Others are state of the art CYBER SCHOOLS! Where the school provides a computer, books, and other school materials to the student, and the student works from home. These schools have an excellent record of parent involvement and contact. A parent can log onto their child's school daily and see how they are doing, or if the child needs extra help with a subject.

The most important thing to remember about a Charter School is that, the Teacher Union's lie to taxpayers about their cost. The Unions will say that a Charter School will cost the District and the Taxpayer extra, and hurt the Public School System. Nothing could be farther from the truth! A Charter School IS a Public School, regardless of it being a brick and mortar school, or a cyber school. The District sends YOUR TAX MONEY to the Charter School that YOUR CHILD attends. It DOES NOT take away money for any other student that stays in the Pittsburgh Public School District. In other words, Pittsburgh Public Schools would not need that money to educate your child if your child is not there. Besides that, in Pittsburgh Public Schools, it costs the taxpayers about $14,000.00 per student. The School District is only required to send between 70% to 80% of that money to the Charter School. So the Local School District makes out by having up to 30% of that money without having to spend it on the Charter School Student. Apparently that is another thing tradition public schools refuse to teach a child these days....COMMON SENSE!

We will list, with a hyperlink any accredited Charter School that is eligible to receive a Pittsburgh Public School Student.

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

21st Century Cyber Charter School

To find out more about Charter Schools, you can go to the U.S. Charter Schools web site at

To send us a link to a Charter School that you would like for us to list on this page, email the link to


Board District #1 Schools:
1.  Lemington
2.  Westinghouse
3.  Homewood Montessori
4.  Letsche/Options Center
5.  Crescent
6.  East Hills
7.  New Homewood

8.  Sterrett
9.  Linden
10. Reizenstein
11. Lincoln


Board District #2 Schools:
1. Dilworth
2. Fulton
3. Morningside
4. Sunnyside
5. McCleary
6. Washington
7. Arsenal
8. Woolslair
9. Schiller
10. Spring



Board District #3 Schools:
1. Fort Pitt
2. Rogers CAPA
3. Peabody
4. Friendship
5. Madison
6. Milliones


Board District #4 Schools:

1. Schenley
2. Frick
3. Colfax
4. Allderdice
5. Liberty


Board District #5 Schools:
1. Mifflin
2. Burgwin
3. Minadeo
4. Greenfield
5. Phillips


Board District #6 Schools:

1. Whittier
2. Prospect Elementary/Prospect Middle
3. South Hills
4. Brashear
5. Beechwood
6. West Liberty
7. Pioneer
8. South Brook
9. Brookline
10. Banksville
11. Westwood


Board District #7 Schools:
1. Grandview
2. Arlington
3. Knoxville Elementary/Knoxville Middle
4. Murray
5. Bon Air
6. Roosevelt
7. Carrick
8. Concord
9. Carmalt


Board District #8 Schools:
1. Northview
2. McNaugher
3. Clayton
4. Columbus
5. Manchester
6. King
7. Allegheny Elementary/Allegheny Middle
8. Conroy
9. Miller
10. Weil
11. Pittsburgh Gifted Center
12. Vann
13. CAPA High


Board District #9 Schools:
1. Sheraden
2. Langley
3. Greenway
4. Pittsburgh Classical Academy
5. Stevens
6. Schaeffer
7. Oliver
8. Mann
9. Morrow
10. Rooney
11. Perry
12. Chatham





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