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The 8th District Republican Committee represents voters in Shadyside and adjacent neighborhoods in Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Point Breeze, and Bloomfield.  Roughly 27,000 voters live in the 8th City Council District.  Within this area are 38 election districts, each of which has two elected or appointed Republican Committee Members, normally one man and one woman. 
A key Committee concern is to ensure that all potential Republican voters are registered.  Committee Members and other volunteers are trained to be alert throughout the year to potential new voters in their neighborhoods.  Young people reaching their 18th birthday and new residents are contacted, eligibility requirements explained and forms supplied.  In addition, periodic registration drives are conducted. 
Neighborhood Committee Members help voters obtain absentee ballots and provide directions to polling places.  They also provide background information on candidates, referendum issues and state constitutional amendments. 
On  Primary or Election Day, Committee Members arrange rides to the polls for those in need of assistance and are generally available for advice in the vicinity of their neighborhood polling place. 
One of the Committee's most important functions is the identification, recommendation, and election of well-qualified individuals to serve 
their neighbors in elective offices, particularly at the local and state level.  Committee members and supporters reflect the concerns and interests of all major segments of our community.  The Committee takes an active interest in the issues facing us and those who are called to serve as elected officials. 
Committee Members also help the Bureau of Elections in appointing competent officials (judges, inspectors, and clerks) when local Election Boards require new members. 
When the polls close, Committee Members are expected to observe the count and advise Party officials of the results in selected races. 



































In addition to identifying and supporting candidates for public office and keeping voters abreast of the personalities, issues, and details of the electoral process, the Committee endeavors to sponsor several functions a year for socializing among Members, friends, and elected officials. We also participate in a variety of community volunteer activities 
Full Committee meetings are held about eight times a year.  Executive Committee meetings, comprised of the Committee Officers and neighborhood coordinators, are held as required. 
As a Committee Member  Elected members (four year terms) must reside in their own election districts.  They are elected by each district's registered Republicans.  Vacancies may be filled by the County Chairman, upon recommendation by the 8th District Committee Chairman.  Committee Members help elect the County and City Chairmen.  Local responsibilities include participation in Committee activities and: 
        Providing information to  all voters in your District on registration, election procedures, absentee ballots, and - most importantly - Republican candidates, including those pursuing judicial positions. 
        Identifying potential candidates for local office (including School Board), election board workers, and volunteers. 
        Registering new voters into the Republican Party. 
        Making sure that every possible Republican voter gets to the polls on Primary and Election Day -  or has sent in an absentee ballot. 


























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If you are interested in becoming a member, there are normally a limited number of vacant positions within the District that are available via appointment of qualified individuals. 
Election Board Members  Each election district has its own election board, paid for by the Allegheny County Board of Elections, which also provides training for new members.  Positions are:  Judge of Elections, two inspectors and two clerks.  You must be at the polls all day, except for short breaks. 
Volunteers There are many other ways you can take part in our American electoral process, the cornerstone of our political freedom - and the envy of the world.  Here are a few: 
        Work on a candidate's campaign.  Call the campaign headquarters to find out where you can help.  You might host a small gathering of neighbors to meet the candidate, assist with mailings, making phone calls, or writing letters to newspapers. 
        Help your local Committeewoman or Committeeman register voters, distribute absentee ballots, and candidate literature. 
        Bring to the attention of your local Committee key neighborhood issues and good prospective candidates for local offices.






































Please read our Position Paper regarding the Land Banks in the City of Pittsburgh.


Text Box: Republican Committee of Allegheny County - 8th District
Position on Land Banks in the City of Pittsburgh
As citizens of the City of Pittsburgh, the 8th District of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County supports the concept for which Land Banks are intended; the conversion of vacant ground and blighted real estate now owned by the City of Pittsburgh into productive, tax contributing, and useful property.
Our Committee does not believe however, that the answer to the failure of government is to add more government.
The suggestion of the Land Bank acquiring additional property, especially through a Treasurer’s Sale, is not only unnecessary and undesirable, but should be considered an inappropriate and likely illegal collapse of due process.
The relatively new Pennsylvania enabling law attempts to permit a Land Bank, having taken the property possibly without due process at a Treasurer’s Sale, to eliminate mortgages and other outstanding liens and encumbrances.  Can anyone imagine any mortgage company or bank ever again making a loan available to a property owner in a city or community that voids their right to collect, without due process, a valid debt owed them?
From which property owners’ will the Land Bank choose to eliminate these loans and taxes?  Relatives and friends of the Board of Directors first, elected official’s friends next, or some other inappropriate resolution?
The City of Pittsburgh has a real estate department, an Urban Redevelopment Authority, a Housing Authority, numerous local community based organizations, and groups such as Action Housing, and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency already available to complete substantially the same task.  The State of Pennsylvania has over 30 agencies across the Commonwealth claiming to be the best source of success for these initiatives including the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania.
Although there do appear to be some successes, we know accomplishments are extremely limited when we read that various Pittsburgh agencies and elected officials claim anywhere from 11,000 to 27,000 properties currently owned by the City of Pittsburgh.  A Land Bank will not change these numbers; just allow City Council and the Mayor to blame others for their failure to convert property to become productive and useful.
Worse yet, the City is far and away the largest slum landlord in the County, and remains exempt from the laws private property owners are required to adhere to in the maintenance of their properties.  Land Banks will surely proceed along these same lines.
The solution likely lies in having the existing City Real Estate Department work in conjunction with real estate professionals throughout the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.  Many successful strategies already exist, including those of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the Veterans Administration, the Federal Housing Administration; and local real estate experts throughout the region who are members of the West Penn Multiple Listing Service which covers some 17 counties throughout Western Pennsylvania.  The City does not have to reinvent the process, nor push their problems on to a Land Bank that will have the same results.
We believe the solution lies in working with these various organizations to eliminate the huge backlog of properties already owned by the City of Pittsburgh and not in assigning these problems to yet another government based organization.  No additional property should be taken by the City without full due process under the currently existing laws.
8th District of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County








































































  Chair - Jerry Speer

Vice-Chair - Ellen Melrose

Treasurer - Rachel Krasnow

Secretary - Pam Noblit

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