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Welcome to the 3rd City Council District Republican Committee.

The 3rd City Council District includes the City Neighborhoods of: 



Arlington Heights




Central Oakland


Mt. Oliver


St. Clair

Within the 3rd City Council District, there are 42 election districts, each of which has two elected or appointed Republican Committee Members, normally one man and one woman.  Committee Members help elect the County and City Chairmen, and participate in a number of activities, including without limitation the following:

        Provide all voters in their respective election districts with information on voter registration, election procedures, absentee ballots, and - most importantly - Republican candidates, including those pursuing judicial positions.

        Identify potential candidates for local office (including School Board), election board workers, and volunteers, and vote for the endorsement of Republican candidates running for office.

        Register new voters for the Republican Party.

        Make sure that every possible Republican voter gets to the polls on Primary and Election Day or has sent in an absentee ballot.

If you are interested in becoming a member, there are vacant positions within the 3rd City Council District that are available via appointment of qualified individuals.  If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member, please contact one of the following officers:

Chair - Ron HIcks


Vice-Chair - Vacant

Treasurer - Vacant

Secretary - Vacant



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