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history of the unit crests


Shoulder Patch of the Joint Command Pennsylvania National Guard

28th Infantry Division

Pennsylvania army National guard

(Keystone Division)

(the Bloody Bucket)



1st bn 107th field artillery




           The background of the shield is RED for Artillery.  The BLUE cross represents Civil War Service with the Federal Forces; while each WHITE STAR denotes a Campaign Streamer earned during that war: Valley, Manassas, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Virginia in 1862, 1863, and 1864.  The CASTLE, taken from the Puerto Rican Occupation Medal, marks participation in the Spanish-American War of 1898; while the coiled RATTLESNAKE represents duty on the Mexican Border in 1916.  The FLEUR-DE-LIS denotes overseas service in France during the First World War.  The NORMAN AXE represents service in the Second World War.  The battalion motto, Gettysburg to the Marne, indicates honorable service in defense of our nation from the Civil War through World War II.  This Coat of Arms was initially approved 17 June 1929.  


128th field support bn



Coat of Arms for the 128th Support Battalion, Pennsylvania Army National Guard

1.  The coat of arms redesignated this date for the 128th Support Battalion, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, with symbolism revised, was:

   a.  Originally approved for the 176th Field Artillery, Pennsylvania National Guard, by letter AG 425.5 Coats of Arms (6-25-24)  (Misc.)  D, The Adjutant Generalís Office, 4 August 1924.

  b.  Redesignated for the 176th Field Artillery Battalion, by letter SPX 314.7  (8-7-42)  LO, The Adjutant Generalís Office, 7 August 1942.

     c.  Redesignated for the 689th Aircraft Artillery Battalion, Pennsylvania National         Guard, by letter QMGRH 424.2 689th AA (Gun) Bn, Pa NG, Office of the Quartermaster General, 19 November 1953.

  d.  Redesignated for the 176tg artillery, Pennsylvania National Guard, by letter QMIH-A, The Institute of Heraldry, 26 September 1961.

     e.  Amended to correct the wording in the motto, by letter QMIH-A, The Institute of Heraldry, 22 November 1961.

     f.  Redesignated for the 176th Air Defense Artillery, by letter AGAH-A, The Institute of Heraldry, 11 July 1972.

  2.  The blazon and symbolism of the design are as follows:


  SHIELD:            Sable, a fess checky argent and azure between three high explosive shells each debruised by a leopardís face or.  

CREST:            That for the regiments and separate battalions of the Pennsylvania    Army National Guard: On a wrath of the colors, or and sable, a lion rampant guardant proper, holding in dexter paw a naked scimitar argent hilted or and in sinister an escutcheon argent on a fess sable three plated.     



SHIELD:              The shield, based in that William Pit, is adapted from the coat of arms if the city if Pittsburgh, home of the unit since 1831.  The three gold H.E. shells, charged with a leopardís face, are taken from the arms of Duquesne, indicating the origin of the organizationís nickname, the Duquesne Grays.


  MOTTO:            ďPuebla to the MarneĒ represents the long fighting record of the unit, which was mustered into Federal service in 1846 as Infantry.      


  3.  This authorization is in accordance with the following authorities:

         a.  Paragraph 5-50, AR 840-10

         b.  Lineage and Honors, The U.S. Army Center if Military History, 20 October 1992.


                              4.  This authorization letter will become part of the permanent organizational history       files of the organization in accordance with 

File No. 870-5a, AR 25-400-2.







99th regional readiness command


1st Detachment 319 Engineer Co

336 Military Police BN

2nd Detachment 363 Military Police Co

444 ps bn


highland park


630th Transportation Co

Washington, PA





Music - "American Soldier" by Toby Keith



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