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When a Union Member pays their dues, a certain part of their dues money is spent on political activities. The Union member usually never knows how much, or where this money goes. This money could be spent on a candidate or political party that the Union Member DOES NOT AGREE WITH. There may be many different channels that this dues money goes through before it gets to a candidate or party. 


Its up to the Union Member themselves to find out this information. Sometimes you can find it at your Union Meeting, Local Union Office, or  sometimes the information is just not available to the membership.

In 1988, the Supreme Court ruled in Communications Workers v. Beck (487 U.S. 735) that workers who are forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment may not be required to pay dues beyond those necessary for collective bargaining purposes. They also are entitled (if they so choose) to a refund of any portion of their dues used by their union for political purposes. This law is named "The Worker Paycheck Fairness Act", and is also known as the "Beck Act". In order to recover the part of your Union Dues Money that was taken from you for Political Purposes, you must file a "Beck Complaint". Your Union is to provide you with this form upon your request. 

 Below you will find some links to other Web Sites giving you more information on "The Worker Paycheck Fairness Act", and other issues.



National Labor Relations Board

Pennsylvanians for Right to Work

The Center for Union Facts

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